Tips on How to Get the Best Sound Quality for Video Recording

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sound-recordingA good video has to come with an excellent audio quality. You will agree with me that poor quality of sound in any video usually distracts the audience.

You can enhance the sound through the use of the on-camera microphones, external microphones, and other audio recording devices.

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Use of On-Camera Microphone to Enhance Video Recording Sound Quality

These cameras are built onto your camcorder. The camera picks up sound around the camcorder but not the subject. It’s advisable to go to a quiet room if you have to record your audio using the on-camera microphone.

You should also reduce or switch off any unwanted sounds around the recording area. The most common interferences usually come from mobile phones, air conditioner, and people just to name a few.

Use of External Microphone to Enhance Video Recording Sound Quality

The external microphone is attached to a cable or wireless as is not built onto your camcorder. You should attach or hold the external microphone approximately six inches away from the mouth of the person speaking when interviewing him.

One of the best external microphones you can find on the market is the versatile Sennheiser wireless mic.

Use of Audio Recording Devices

These are separate devices that have no connection to the camcorder. They record your audio independently, and then you merge it on the video during the process of editing.

IPhones that use the “Voice Memos” application are among the best audio recording devices in the market.  You can visit this link to learn how to record better sound with your smart phone

My Life Experience

There was a day I had to hand-signal to a presenter who was doing a live speech on stage by moving two steps back. The presenter was standing under the air conditioner’s blower.

In this position, the clipped on microphone could pick all forms of wind noise. I was forced to interfere with this show because the recording of a videographer is more important than anything else.

In another instance, a single chirp from an eagle that was flying overhead as I was carrying out an outdoor interview disrupted the entire sentence from the speaker. You cannot hear such effects unless you are putting on microphones.

I requested my client to repeat the whole sentence because I didn’t want to waste time editing away the sudden interference. Such interruptions explain why you need high-quality headphones while recording audio for your video.

You may also come across some electrical interference. Most wireless microphones may pick up external signals that emanate from other wireless devices. It is critical to safeguard your audio recording by the use of a different device if you are recording in such situations.


Quality sound is a fundamental component during any video recording. There are three ways to improve the quality of sound during video recordings.

You can either use on-camera microphones or external mics to reduce the effects of external noise.  Your iPhone can also be an excellent sound recorder especially when you don’t have any external microphone.