The best headphones for travel

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Selecting the best headphones for travel can be a complex task, especially if you spend most of your time travelling on silent trains full of exhausted, irritable people on their way to, or from work. At this point many readers will probably be wondering why we have bothered to write an article directed at the best headphones for travel, if you can just walk into any technology store and purchase the cheapest ones.

Well, unfortunately when it comes to selecting headphones for travel, there are certain factors to take into consideration. Supposing you just go ahead and choose the cheapest pair you can find and you settle down into your seat on the train and put on your favorite Queen song at full volume, one would assume that you can drift off into your own world of music induced bliss.

This is seldom the case and your musical experience will soon be interrupted by the loud tuts of the stern older lady sat next to you, who is complaining about the fact that she can hear the song almost as well as you can, due to the poor quality of the headphones.

 Think About Your End Goal

Music, people, person.This might sound a strange factor to take into consideration when choosing headphones, but if you travel a lot, then pinpointing exactly what you want to achieve with your headphones is important.

For example, perhaps you often fly through different timezones for business and therefore you rely on meditation music to soothe you to sleep. If this is your case, then you want to be sure to select headphones featuring surround sound that also cancel other noise out.

You don’t want your slumber interrupted by the crying baby sat next to you on the flight. Similarly if you are a fan of listening to rock music at full volume- you might enjoy it, but the man sitting next to you on the subway might not. Therefore, it is advisable to choose a set of headphones that allow you to turn the volume right up, whilst not disturbing anyone within close proximity of you.

 Do Your Research

Unless you are amongst the fortunate elite to whom money is no object, then it is likely you will want to get the best value for your budget. If you walk into an electronics store, then understandably the sales assistant will most likely try and sell you the most expensive pair that he can get away with.

To avoid being influenced by an excellent sales pitch, go online and do some research. Websites of some online retailers  are review based, meaning you can trust the judgement of real life customers about a particular product.

 Comfort Is Key

Finally, be sure to choose a pair of headphones that ensure you will be comfortable for the duration of your travel. Don’t choose a bulky, heavy pair as you will find they take up a substantial amount of space in your limited hand luggage allowance. If you decide to get headphones featuring earplugs, then find some that fit into your ears comfortably without irritating you.