Sennheiser HD 600

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This Sennheiser headphone design is one of the earphones that can make you to hate speakers. In my opinion, the only headphone that comes closer to this model is the Gardo SR1 but you should be prepared to pay more. In addition, the Gardo SR1 is not as comfortable as the Sennheiser HD 600. I have tested this model across various music genres and came to a conclusion that it is best for soft rock and jazz. These headphones have a great resistance to distortions. You can get a bit of pop and crackle if you set your volume to its highest level. However, there is no need to listen to such high volumes.

You can connect your HD 600 headphones directly to high quality HI FI systems such as MD, DVD, DAT, and CD players. The model is the best choice for professional sound recording engineers as it provides spatial and uncolored delivery of any program material, particularly classic music.

The headphone uses the ‘Duofol’2 layer diaphragm technology to greatly reduce the surface borne resonance.

sennheiser HD 600 pic-smallI find this model to be one of the toughest headphone models from Sennheiser. They are durable and cannot break easily. You may think that these are heavy headphones given that they are tough.

One surprising feature with these earphones is that they are weight. It has a powerful neodymium ferrous magnet that is optimized to control the movement in the diaphragm for a broad dynamic range and optimal optimum sensitivity.

It boosts the production of a deeper bass without losing the definition. The headphone has a triple wound aluminum sound coils which maximize the benefits of its open design.

These Sennheiser headphones have been made with a design that can allow you to assemble and dissemble. It implies that you can replace them in parts and you don’t have to purchase a whole unit if one part spoils.

This feature enhances the lifespan of the Sennheiser HD 600 further. However, you need to note that this headphone is extremely power hungry. You have to use a dedicated amp on them otherwise you will not get the expected high quality sound. You cannot compare what you receive to any other earphone once you amp them.

sennheiser HD 600 pic - 2I recommend these headphones even though they are highly priced. They have the ability of not only giving you hours of acoustic pleasure but also revamping your CD collection. Some of the pros of these Sennheiser headphones include they are terrifically comfortable, produce a spacious sound stage, have excellent bass extension, have an extremely detailed presentation, and possess a natural timbral balance.

As we focus on the cons, the Sennheiser HD 600 headphones have a slightly bright treble for some musical tastes.

If you are the kind of a user who is committed to private high-end semi listening, this Sennheiser headphone model joins a relatively short list of elite contenders for you to consider. In conclusion, I can say that this is a good headphone to own. It falls in the category of headphones that you can be sure of receiving the value for your money upon purchase.