Karaoke Machine that Connects to TV

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What main features do I need to consider when purchasing a karaoke machine that connects to TV? This question is common for individuals that would like to purchase a karaoke machine that will allow connection to a TV. It is also general and does not have a specific answer. However, the right Karaoke device to buy depends on the activities and goals you would like to accomplish with your device of choice when it comes to connectivity. A good example is when you want to purchase a device for your kids; then you will have different requirements than when you are looking at purchasing a device for professional use.

The other aspect you will have to put into consideration while purchasing this machine is the affordability and the amount you are willing to spend. You will have to make a choice between buying a cheap machine or an expensive machine that has many functionalities including being able to give a TV output. Therefore, it is crucial to think of what you are going to use it for and the features that you will attain.

Many people purchase these machines for gatherings, birthday parties, and celebrations. This applies for adults and kids. These machines can serve small, medium, and large gatherings when you connect it to the TV so that everybody follows the lyrics as they stream on the screens. The machines discussed below allow these activities to take place.

If you are in a hurry, take a look at my best picks here:

If you are serious about singing, you need to read through this write-up to get techniques, tips, and information that is important for all levels of use. It matters not if you are beginning or if you are starting to explore as a singer, the karaoke machines that hook to TV will help you improve the level of your skills. Here are reviews of some of my best recommendations:

Karaoke USA GF840 and GFxx series

The GF8XX series has been improving over time. If you are looking for karaoke machines that hook up to TV, then choosing this series will give you all the attributes you need. In the rest of the post, I will write about the features using the Karaoke USA GF840, which is my favorite one of the series, taking into account the price and features. For those that would like to see the similarities and differences at a glance, I have prepared a comprehensive table below that will give you a great idea about the features of this series.

Bluetooth connectivityred-x-cirlcegreen-check-markgreen-check-markgreen-check-markgreen-check-mark
Power Output
15W (RMS)
Power Amplifier
35W Peak
(25W RMS )
Disco Lightred-x-cirlcered-x-cirlcered-x-cirlcered-x-cirlcegreen-check-mark
DC 12V
Car Adaptor
AC Adaptorgreen-check-markgreen-check-markgreen-check-markgreen-check-markgreen-check-mark
Karaoke Player
PA System
Microphones 22222
Mic. Inputs 22222
Mic. Holders 22222
Card Slots
USB Charger
for MP3/iPod
Echo Controlgreen-check-markgreen-check-markgreen-check-markgreen-check-markgreen-check-mark
Balance Controlgreen-check-markgreen-check-markgreen-check-markgreen-check-markgreen-check-mark
Digital Key
RCA Cable
3.5mm to
RCA Cable

The GF840 has both qualities of portability for easy transportation and connecting to your TV. It is also small in size with a host of features that are packed into it. Besides connecting to the TV and portability, the main features you can get from these karaoke machines include;


Easy operations

Many users find this machine quite easy to operate especially for people that have a challenge of running technology gadgets. If you would like to lend it to other family members, it will be quite easy because you will not have to be around to help them operate it.


While many Karaoke machines come with a single microphone, the GF840 comes with two microphones. Having two microphones eliminates the worry of going out to purchase another microphone.  This is a great features when singing duet. The machine also has two areas for inputting the microphones so that when friends are around, you will sing duets together. Singing together is a great source of fun than having one person singing at a time.

The Karaoke USA GF840 comes with two microphone holders so that when you want to relax for a few minutes, you have a place where you can put the microphone and not on the floor where it can get damaged.

Bluetooth connectivity

With this machine you will have Bluetooth connectivity. In other words you can use it with your smartphone and other similar smart devices.


The other aspect you need to bear in mind is the power of the speakers. This model offers immense power with the speaker, making it useful for outdoor and larger gatherings which require powerful speakers.

Disco lights

This version also comes with disco light so that it lights up when you have a party. This cool feature will spice up your party a great deal. I personally really like the slick design of this model compared to previous ones and most other karaoke machines out there.


An average user of this machine will find it easy when interacting because it has a host of features. It is versatile plus the number of components it has in its possession. If you would like to purchase the best Karaoke device, then this option will work to your advantage. This machine works best for both adults and children.


  • It is versatile in terms of design and functionality
  • You can connect it to a television
  • They have wireless connectivity through Bluetooth
  • Easy to use for those who are technology challenged
  • They have powerful speakers for large outdoor gatherings
  • It is small in size for portability and ease of transportation


  • The microphones of this device are delicate to handle, giving you another budget for buying extra microphones.


Singing Machine ISM1030BT and ISM10xx series

The Singing Machine ISM series is very popular  among karaoke enthusiasts. The model ISM1030BT is my favorite of the series and I will write the rest of the post using this machine. For those who wants to have a quick feel of features and similarities and differences for various model, I have provided the detailed table below:

Recording Optionred-x-cirlcegreen-check-mark
Bluetooth® Connectionred-x-cirlcegreen-check-mark
Auto Voice
Balance Controlgreen-check-mark
Digital Key
Echo Controlgreen-check-mark
Resting Tablet

The ISM1030BT possesses the following features:

The LCD screen

The LCD screen is seven inches wide. There is also a front loading CD+G player, and an iPhone/iPod dock. It has many nice features to offer to the music lovers.


When you ask consumers what they like with Karaoke music systems, they will tell you that they desire the great features at an affordable price. This singing machine comes with a camera, a a pedestal base with two microphones, and separate tower speakers.

Compatibility with external devices

The design of this device is perfect for functioning with your iPod so that you get many options for tracks and music. USB and SD card can also be used with this machine for storage purpose.

Connectivity to TV

You can connect this karaoke machine to TV in case you like to see lyrics on a bigger screen. It is also portable and compact and can be used anywhere in your house.

Remote control

This comes with a remote control.

The auto voice control, echo control, and digital key control

The digital key control is a unique feature which enables users to change the key of the playing tracks to fit their voice. This feature is significant for the individual that have favorite songs that are not in their range. The auto voice control allows the users to mute the voice of lead singers, making it an advantageous feature for the multiplex CD.  The echo control is yet another beautiful feature that will add an echo effect to the voice of the singer.

Recording options

CD recording

If you have an interest in recording yourself to the CD, you will have the option of doing it. After recording yourself to the SD or USB, you will have to get the memory device onto your personal computer and transfer the songs onto the CD.

Instant playback

This option entails recording your song only and playing them. With this feature, you will determine if what you have recorded is likable and would like to keep it. You might decide to re-record this song. This recording goes to the USB or SD card and not the Karaoke machine.


  • It can change the key of the song to favor your voice
  • The auto control feature mutes the voice of the lead singer to give you the chance to sing
  • The multiple control features in this machine help you to personalize your experience.
  • The remote control helps you to control it while at the comfort of your couch
  • This machine is also affordable and possesses unique features that will make you have maximum fun.
  • It has Bluetooth and recording options to give you more options for personalizing soundtracks and music.


  • You cannot use it with batteries.
Singing Machine iSM1030BT Bluetooth Karaoke Pedestal
List Price: $199.99
Price: $149.99
You Save: $50.00
Price Disclaimer


Electrohome EAKAR300

The Electrohome EAKAR300 has a sleek and cylindrical design. Below are some features that makes it outstanding in the market.

Disco light and voice control features

It possesses a beautiful blue light for setting the tone for great parties. This machine is portable and is among karaoke machines that hook up to TV. It has several sound and voice control features.

Portability and usage

This machine is manufactured for home use. It is lightweight and portable, weighs 4.8lbs. This system is perfect for children’s birthday parties because they are easy to use. This machine is perfect when applied in small family gatherings. You need to note that since it has a low power for output, it is good for indoor use and events. It is not well suited for bigger events and gatherings in open space.

Microphones and cord

The Electrohome EAKAR300 only comes with one microphone. It is important to note that there are two inputs in the market for this system. If you desire to use the second microphone of the system, you will have to make a separate purchase. When you purchase this machine, you will get a cord that is ten feet in length.


This device does not have a built-in monitor or display. However, there is a port that will help you when connecting your karaoke machine to TV. You can achieve this connection with the help of the RCA cable which comes alongside the machine. The link with the TV is done in a similar way that you would connect a camera, video game consoles, and DVD/VCR machines. You can use the red and white connectors on the left and right audio signals and the yellow ones for the video signal. It is both straightforward and easy.

Note that using the RCA cable, the quality of the video will not be high definition. There is no HDMI connection if that’s what you are looking for.

Compatibility with CDs and other input devices

This device has an integrated player that is compatible with CD+G/CD-RW/CD/DVD as an input source. This means that you can use all the CDs that have graphics. Additional to the song track, these CDs provide a song track that syncs with the songs that are playing. This is why you can see lyrics when playing a song.

Since it possesses an audio input, the Karaoke machine works with all MP3 players and all smart devices like the iPhone, iPod, and much more. This compatibility means that you can play music from your music library and sing along. If you would like to connect an audio input, you need to have a 3.5mm cable to help you with the transmission. You need to purchase it separately because it does not come with the system.

Note that connection with the iPhone or iPod is the audio input. This means that if you are transmitting a karaoke song that is in the video form, then it will not be possible to send the video signal to the TV. You need to achieve this connection from your system independently.


This karaoke machine comes with built-in speakers that are of high quality. Since the speakers are built-in, you will not have the headache of dealing with additional cables, making it compact when set up.


The AVC is a cool feature that is helpful when learning the lyrics and the songs. This option will work with the multiplex CDs. When you record in the multiplex, it provides the same song that produces two copies. The first one is the lead and music vocal and the other one that is just music and the background vocals. With this feature, when you start using the microphone to sing, the lead vocal stops and you become the singer singing along the music; when you stop using the microphone, the lead vocal starts singing again.

Music control knob

It also possesses a corresponding knob for balancing between the music and the pre-recorded lead singer’s voice. When learning how to sing, you can make use of this feature so that you attain the best voice for your favorite song. You can start with the presence of the full lead vocals before balancing it out gradually to get comfortable with the playing song.

Echo control

It also has echo control for adding resonance and depth to your voice while singing. Your voice will sound professional and rich when you have this device as you will not require additional effort. You need to note that this only applies to the singing voice and not on the impact of the device.


  • The echo control features add resonance and depth to your singing voice
  • It comes with high-quality speakers that are inbuilt to reduce the headache of dealing with many cables.
  • It comes with two microphone inputs.
  • This machine serves perfectly for indoor events
  • It has an easy-to-use interface for house parties
  • It has integrated system that plays CDs with different graphics.
  • It has the audio input for MP3 players for personalizing sound tracks.
  • It possesses a blue light for setting tones for great parties.


  • When connecting to the TV, the quality of the video will be low as it does not allow HDMI
  • This device does not come with the recording option.
  • It does not come with a built-in screen.



So there you have it. I am sure at this point you are equipped with all information you need to purchase the karaoke machine with the features you are looking for. Enjoy your machine and have fun singing.