Importance of Headphone Amplifiers

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headphone amplifierWe have so many individuals who don’t understand what headphone amplifiers are and their use. There are several models of headphone amplifiers in the market ranging from the cheapest to the most expensive ones. It’s important to understand the functions of these gadgets and why you need them before purchasing. This is a techy type of post where I explain some details about the functionality of typica headphones as well associated amplifiers.

Understanding the Concept of Headphones

Headphones can be described as miniature speakers, and they require an amplifier like any other speaker. There is no headphone that works without an amplifier. All CD players, computers, tablets, and smartphones among other music playing devices already have inbuilt headphone amplifiers.

However, it’s good to have an external headphone amplifier that stands alone. Most manufacturers compromise the quality of inbuilt headphone amplifiers because of power, size and space limitation.  Standalone headphone amps are the best because they have enough space dedicated to a robust power supply and circulatory.

This enhances the quality of sound and enables you to control it in a better manner. It also allows the headphone to generate more output power. You can get more information on the following video

The most important thing is that the amplifier should provide the headphone with enough power. This makes sure that it does not produce a distorted sound at the peak of the music. You should not use the headphone amp to blast your valuable ears into deafness.

Headphone amps allow you to have a clear and more controlled sound, especially during musical peaks. It’s good to keep the volume of your headphone at comfortable levels by practicing safe listening.

Properties of Headphones

Headphones have several properties that determine the kind of amplifiers they require. The most important considerations are the sensitivity or efficiency and the impedance. The sensitivity or efficiency of a headphone is a measure of how loud it will be given a specific amplification power.

You can state the specification as a given level of decibel recorded with a milliwatt (mW) of power from your amplifier.

This represents the range that the IEM falls within. There is no need to dedicate a headphone amplifier to an efficient headphone. The efficiency of the headphone is viewed from the perspective of its power and volume. Most high-end non-portable home headphones have low levels of efficiency.

They may need a lot of power to generate an output level that a highly efficient IEM can produce using very few watts of power.  Headphones that have a sensitivity spec of less than 95db may require an amplifier.

It’s also imperative to consider the impedance of the headphone and the amplifiers’ output. The general rule states that the impedance of the headphone should always be ten times that of the amplifier’s output.

This is a difficult aspect to conceptualize if you are not an electrician. However, it means that when the impedance of the amplifiers’ output is much lower than that of the headphone, you receive good electric dumping for your headphone. This makes them sound more articulate and tighter.

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A dedicated headphone amplifier will produce excellent results at any volume when you use high-quality accessories and power supplies. The main aim should be the production of clean and undistorted output. You should concentrate more on the quality and not the quantity of the signal.

A good head phone produces a good sound, but the amplifier makes the sound great.