How to Promote Your Music Online

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Online marketing is the primary driving force in the current business world. As a musician, you should never be left behind given the current technological changes.

Apart from taking online singing lessons, you can use the same platform to market your music. I came across some sites that offer information regarding online singing lessons.

You can find more information here on online music classes as the focus of this article is online marketing of your music.


All musicians around the world have taken their music to the website. You cannot succeed on this platform unless you deliver high quality music. Make sure that your music is worth the time of your listeners.

Apart from being catchy and sounding professional, your music should also have good content. You can only move to the next tip if your music is of high quality.

Social Media

This is one of the best platforms where you can market and share your songs. Social media allows you to connect with thousands of followers within seconds.

As a musician, it is advisable to sign up on multiple social media sites. In my opinion, so managing so many social media platforms is a challenge and keeping up with three is optimal.

However, you can go ahead to sign up on more sites as long as you have the ability to handle them.

More sites are better as long as you remain active and you don’t spam all over. This will either annoy your followers or you will seem to be desperate.

You need to give value to your friends and followers instead of spamming. Concentrate on posting tips, pictures, and quotes. You can post quotes from your songs, and pictures for your daily activities or equipment.

You could also choose to post links to your site.

The second largest search engine on the worldwide web is YouTube. Make sure you upload high quality Vlogs and music on this site.

You could also add several tags and include long descriptions that have links to your social media accounts. Reply to every comment as you interact with your followers.

It is better to upload as many videos as you can. There is a lot of information on this topic from this video

Another great online site to post and share your music is Sound Cloud. As an upcoming musician, you can use Sound Cloud alone to build the base of your fans.

The platform allows users to share or like your song. Having used this platform, I can confidently recommend it to you.

Another great site that can allow you to market your music is Instagram. However, you can still use Twitter to update your followers on your latest music.

Facebook is more effective in interacting with your friends in a more personalized manner. It grants you the opportunity of speaking your mind by writing a long post.

The last tip while marketing your music line is being consistent. Make sure you frequently upload your music or videos. This is the only way you can win the attention of your followers.

However, you need to be patient as nothing happens overnight. The primary advantage of marketing your music online is that it speeds up the process.