How to Choose the Best DJ Mixer

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djMixers are usually at the centerpiece of any set up by DJs.  I can confidently conclude that the entire life of a DJ revolves around a mixer.

You could be having the greatest CDs or records, a well-practiced set, and the best turntables but without a fully functioning slick mixer, you may not reach your peak very soon. You will attract an audience depending on the functionality of your mixer.

A stable and reliable mixer will give you a warm and fuzzy feeling especially if you are into live performances. It’s good to review the top DJ mixers before you make any decision to purchase.

Here are some guidelines you can use as you search for the best mixer in the market. You can watch this YouTube video for some tips:


It is prudent to understand the functions of a DJ mixer before deciding what to buy. DJ mixers form the backbone for their operations. The mixer takes the audio signals from your turntables or decks and combines or mixes them into one.

It assists you to transit smoothly from one song to the other and control the FX and other external functions by just adjusting. The primary role of the fader is to monitor the mixing between the tables. In the case of a scratcher, it assists you to get the signature sound that most people love.

We have a broad range of DJ mixers, and they all have varied features. Some have additional knobs to assist you to control your FX and levels.

Other mixers have more output and input devices while others have extra MIDI connectivity. Modern technology has mixers that have inbuilt hard drives. Mixers vary in price depending on their functionality.

It’s advisable for you to pay more but get a mixer that will produce quality sound and appeal your audience. The only thing that will make your listeners come back is the quality of sound you deliver to them.

Consider the Number of Channels

The standard for most mixers is usually two channels. In fact, most professionals recommend this type of mixers. These mixers will allow you to control two turntables or sources of sound.

We have mixers that can support up to sixteen microphones or channels, but this is just too much. You can purchase such mixers if you intend to facilitate more advanced shows.

You may use them even with two turntables but increase the number of tables with time. You can gain some insight from

Additional Features

Besides the headphone inputs, volume controller, and the typical crossfader, some mixers have other essential properties. Some of these features may be useful while others may not.

Some have a built-in interface and high and low pass filters. You need to identify high-quality mixers that have additional features you need.

Mixer Type

You may purchase a mixer alone or one that possess a DJ controller. Most modern digital mixers come with varies DJ controller capabilities like MIDI and USB connectivity.

If you need some of this extra stuff, you can go for them. Digital mixers may be a bit expensive, but they are highly effective.

Consider your Budget

The best mixers are relatively expensive, but if you go for quality, it can serve you for over five years. The most expensive ones are not usually the best but the higher the cost, the more the features you receive.

Some of these functions may be of no good to you as a DJ.  Do your research well and spend on what you require.