Audio Technica ATH-M50x Review

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Audio Technica has a broad range of headphones in the market for your use. The choice you make depends on your budget and the features you are looking for. You need to undertake an in-depth review of each model before you make your final purchase decision.

I will attempt provide a comprehensive Audio Technica ATH-M50x review in this article. The primary purpose of my review is to shed some light to your purchasing process.

It is among the best headphones you can get below 200 dollars. The ATH-M50 is a great improvement for the models that came before it. These headphones are available in blue, black, and white colors.

This model is a professional studio monitor that offer very detailed and excellent build quality, balanced sound with a very tight bass. These headphones have received a five star rating from most of the users who have reviewed it.

They are comfortable headphones that fit tight into your ears assisting you to get the best sound resolution. The headphones have slightly more cushioned ear cups that enhance their comfort. They are very accurate when it comes to reproducing the original sound.

This headphone design from Audio Technica has a special design for critical studio mixing and tracking. The ATH-M50 also plays a special role when it comes to monitoring DJ applications.

It is a high end earphone that features 45mm neodymium drivers that have copper-clad aluminum voice calls. The purpose of this feature is to offer an extensive frequency response from 15 HZ to 28 HZ.

These headphones possess a circumaural, all-the-ear design that are very excellent for sound isolation in noisy environments.  You can swivel the ear cups of the ATH-M50x up to 90 degrees and this enables single ear monitoring.

The main undoing of this headphone is that it does not have an integrated microphone or controller that you can use to make cell phone calls, and their bulky design makes them applicable for mobile use. In addition, you cannot find any adapter that can accommodate any of the operations.

The earphones come with a 3-meter straight cable, 3 meter coiled cable, 1.2 meter straight cable, and a detachable single sided cable system in the box. You can fold down this headphone and store it securely in a carry pouch when you are not using it.

These cables are very good, strong and long for your use. Looking at their features and design, the Audio Technica ATH-M50x is built well and possess a sturdy design that feels and looks like it can be used for a long period of time.

It has one thick single cable that ends into a heavy duty reinforced plug. However, the single soft casing that comes along with the set is a mere bag.

These are very nice portable headphones even though they are a bit large. They have large over the ear headphones which is a style that does not suit the price.

However, the large over-ears headphones play a critical role of noise isolation. Most people use these headphones for professional purposes but I believe they are good for enjoyment listening.

They are excellent for videos and gaming where the deep bass and extra impact comes in handy.