10 Pre-Singing Tips for Beginners

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There are several singing tips that cut across both beginning and seasoned artists. You cannot become a singer unless you begin to think like one. These ten tips will assist you to become more successful than any other aspiring artist out there.

I advise you to read here and take this advice to heart if you want to record a tremendous growth of your music career. You can also listen to some tips for becoming a better singer from this video:

Drink a glass of Water

You should never sing with a dry throat if you want to go far with your singing. You use your vocal chords as you sing and you can easily damage them if the throat is dry.

The best way to lubricate your vocal chords and avoid damaging it is by taking at least eight ounces of water before any performance. You can also have some water around just in case there is need to moisturize the vocal chords as you continue with the performances arises.

Get enough Rest

Your muscles and throat should be loose as you sing. Your body has a tendency of tensing when you are tired. Therefore, you should avoid singing when you are very tired.

Put on Very Comfortable Clothes

You should not wear tight fittings because you will not be able to breathe properly. You should not that 70 percent of singing is all about breathing.

Wear Shoes That Are Comfortable

It is critical to understand that the placement of your feet is critical to proper singing. Your feet should be in a fairly level position if you want to produce excellent results. High heels are not the best for singing since they tamper with this level.

Stand Up Straight

You make use of the entire body as you sing. However, the most important part of the body that you require as you sing is the diaphragm.

You will not be able to fully control the diaphragm if you are scorching. Therefore, it is advisable to stand up straight as you sing.

Raise The Chest And Keep Your Shoulders Down

Imagine that someone connects a long cord that is hanging from the roof to the upper area of your chest. It may sound crazy at the beginning but it will offer you the correct singing posture.

Let Your Feet Be Under The Shoulders

You should let your feet to be a foot or so apart. This increases your level of body control and will assist you to express yourself with slight body movements as you sing.

Let On Foot To Be 6 To 8 Inches In Front Of Your Other Foot

It you are left handed, the left foot should be in front and vice versa. It will allow you to have greater control of your body.

Bend Your Knees Slightly

You should not bend your knees to an obvious amount. This will protect you against locking the knees as you sing.

Locking knees will force you to put a lot of weight on the back foot which is very wrong. You have to spread you weight over your body with some slight emphasis on the front foot.

Let nothing be in your mouth as you sing

This may sound obvious but I have come across people who try to sing while chewing gum. There should be nothing in your mouth as you sing.