Sennheiser HD 600

This Sennheiser headphone design is one of the earphones that can make you to hate speakers. In my opinion, the only headphone that comes closer to this model is the Gardo SR1 but you should be prepared to pay more. In addition, the Gardo SR1 is not as comfortable as the Sennheiser HD 600. I have tested this model across various music genres and came to a conclusion that it is best for soft rock and jazz. These headphones have a great resistance to distortions. You can get a bit of pop and crackle if you set your volume … Continue here

Importance of Headphone Amplifiers

headphone amplifierWe have so many individuals who don’t understand what headphone amplifiers are and their use. There are several models of headphone amplifiers in the market ranging from the cheapest to the most expensive ones. It’s important to understand the functions of these gadgets and why you need them before purchasing. This is a techy type of post where I explain some details about the functionality of typica headphones as well associated amplifiers.

Understanding the Concept of Headphones

Headphones can be described as miniature speakers, and they require an amplifier like any other speaker. There is no headphone that works without … Continue here

The best headphones for travel

Selecting the best headphones for travel can be a complex task, especially if you spend most of your time travelling on silent trains full of exhausted, irritable people on their way to, or from work. At this point many readers will probably be wondering why we have bothered to write an article directed at the best headphones for travel, if you can just walk into any technology store and purchase the cheapest ones.

Well, unfortunately when it comes to selecting headphones for travel, there are certain factors to take into consideration. Supposing you just go ahead and choose the cheapest … Continue here

How To Practice Singing In Tune


Unfortunately some of us who aspire to be a singer are not blessed with the natural ability to sing in tune. That doesn’t mean that we have to abandon our dreams of becoming the next Beyonce, but rather that we need to dedicate time and practice in order to sing in tune.

Many people incorrectly assume that either you can sing, or you can’t and whilst it is true that it is easier for certain people than others, even the best naturally gifted singers dedicate hours each day to practice.

I’m sure you have seen a famous singer live who … Continue here